An Amazon Strategic Partner With Skin in the Game

Running a Successful Amazon BusinessWith our help, YOU can be the King of Amazon!

If we agree to partner up, our monthly fee is ZERO. That’s right, ZERO! We simply share in a percentage of the INCREASE in PROFIT (not revenue) that we generate.

If you do not make more money, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.

And if your product qualifies for our Tier 1 partnership, we will even contribute to the advertising cost.


We do not accept all products. We work with a limited number of clients and look for specific situations where we feel we can add the most value. To find out if your product is suitable for our Amazon Strategic Partnership, schedule a free, 3-minute call with us.

A Comprehensive Strategic Partnership

Branding Strategy

A single product? A product with multiple variations? A range of products?

Are you a brand new entity, or do you have some history?

All of these and more determine your long-term branding strategy. And since we are in this for the long haul, we help you to evaluate, develop, and implement your branding strategy from day one.

measuring success

ACOS? ROAS? ROI? KPI? Forget about it!

Yes, we measure. We measure everything. But we don't bury you in alphabet soup.

Together, we determine specific, measurable, reasonable targets. Targets that are suitable to your product and your industry.

Every month, you will see the results of our actions as we march toward achieving those key performance measures.

Trademark & Brand Registry

Did you know that Amazon has amazing tools available to members of their Brand Registry?

Tools that can help your sales skyrocket. But to gain access, you have to own a registered or pending trademark.

Attorneys can charge thousands of dollars for this service.

King of Amazon clients obtain this at no additional cost.

GS1 Barcode and Prefix

Many Amazon sellers make the mistake of purchasing a cheap Universal Product Code (UPC) to meet the Amazon listing requirements. Don't!

If you are serious about the future of your brand, GS1 barcodes should be your only source for universally identifying your product.

But the process can be expensive and intimidating. We take care of it for you. At no extra cost.

Listing design & development

Sellers have been using Amazon for ten years now. We've been doing it for seven of those ten. We've seen the progression and development of what works and what doesn't.

There is a ton of science behind the creation of a compelling listing. As your strategic partner, you instantly benefit from all that experience without the need to make costly mistakes along the way.

Photo and Video assets

Your Amazon listing product photography is one of the most critical aspects of your Amazon strategy.

With us as your strategic partner, we will compile your product's most effective suit of photo and video assets.

This is the only function we outsource because we are the Kings of Amazon, not the King of Photo and Video, but our partnership ensures you get the best results at a great value.


Keyword identification is a defining quality of a successful Amazon campaign.

How those keywords are structured in your campaigns can mean the difference between mediocre sales and sky-rocketing results.

Our proprietary methodology identifies hundreds of primary and thousands of secondary keywords and searches terms that will ensure your sales start scaling exponentially.

data driven optimization

The data does not lie. Since our success depends on your success, we are not a set-it-and-forget-it kind of agency.

We have specific algorithms for weekly and monthly campaign optimization across the Amazon spectrum of ad types.

We never make a change without the data implicitly indicating that the change will benefit your campaign, and over time those changes reap huge rewards.

Just a few Success Stories

A Sharpe

Jason and the team have achieved incredible results in the nine years they have been our Amazon Strategic Partner. We could not be happier with the results.

Al Sharpe


K Wójcik

We could never afford the level of service we get from KoA from other agencies. As a startup, we were so happy to find an agency willing to grow with us. 

Kim Wójcik


J de Villiers

Many other agencies charged us a bundle, and the results were terrible. Since partnering with King of Amazon, we’ve seen triple-digit growth. Finally!

Jacques de Villiers

Lithium Market


The average increase in total revenue achieved across all clients within six months of partnering with King of Amazon


The average profit multiplier achieved among all clients within their first 12 months of partnering with us


Average reduction in Advertising Cost of Sales within 6 months of partnering with us for clients with existing data


Clients who completed the 90-day assessment and chose to enter into a long-term service contract with us

Does This Sound Familiar?

You know you have a great product. You can feel it in your bones. But your sales are just not where they should be. If only you had the resources to get it in front of more people. 

Perhaps you have tried with some so-called ‘digital marketing experts.’ Companies that promise the world, take your money every month, and don’t deliver the expected results. 

Put yourself in their shoes. Their business model is based on a set monthly fee, a percentage of ad spend, or both. The only way they make more money is by signing up more high-value clients and encouraging those clients to spend more money on ads.

The more you spend, the more they make, regardless of your results.

There is a reason why most high-profile agencies have logos of Fortune 500 companies prominently displayed on their website as references. Their message is: ‘We work with the big guns! So you too can trust us with your millions in advertising budget!’ 

But what if you don’t have millions? Who do you turn to? You Google for hours on end. You read through a bunch of articles and Top 10 lists. Perhaps you finally find an agency that you feel is suitable. And maybe just about affordable. 

And six months later, you have blown more than you wanted to on results that may or may not look slightly better than what you achieved before. Except now you are out of pocket by thousands in agency fees. 

The only person that loses is you. 

So you decide to do it on your own. You watch hours of YouTube videos and scour the internet, including online  education resources like Udemy and Skillshare, trying to learn how to run an effective Amazon Pay-Per-Click campaign. But with all the other responsibilities you have, surely the agencies must be able to do a better job than you can? Aren’t they the professionals, doing it all day every day? Isn’t that what they do?

Not, it’s not. 

Not if their business model relies on signing up more clients with bigger budgets. Not if their success is completely unrelated to your success.

If only there was an agency with such high confidence in its ability to achieve success, they would be willing to work on a performance basis. An agency that only gets paid if they increase your profits. An agency that would even be willing to cover some of the advertising costs, because they believe in your product as much as you do.

An agency that works alongside you as a strategic Amazon partner, not just another drain on your resources. An agency that looks forward to seeing how much your profits increase, not how big your ad spend gets.

That agency could make you the King of Amazon.


Jason Patrick

Lead Strategic Partner


We do not accept all products. We work with a limited number of clients and look for specific situations where we feel we can add the most value. To find out if your product is suitable for our Amazon Strategic Partnership, schedule a free, 3-minute call with us.